Genius Industries has been built to create both a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour

Pursuing our passion

Genius Industries has allowed us to turn our passion into a vision. It gives us the opportunity to work on something we truly love and believe in, making our work more enjoyable and meaningful.

Making a difference

Genius Industries has allowed us to address a problem and meet a need in society. With the TGA laws changing in November 2023 in relation to sports supplements and the need for more regulation, we have stepped in to provide Australians with more options to be available on the market that is both safe to consume and compliant with Australian standards.

Our Entrepreneurial spirit

At Genius Industries, the journey itself is a motivator. The thrill of building something from scratch, and navigating through uncertainty can be exciting and fulfilling.

"We hope our journey inspires you to get out there and do what you love."

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